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Current Bands

 - Cherokee Gypsy -
      Chicago's finest tribute to Jimi Hendrix, join us as we play from Jimi's complete catalog of music.  Salute with us as we pay homage to Jimi Hendrix, Billy Cox, Buddy Miles, Mitch Mitchell, Noel Redding and the artists they covered.  This band revitalizes Hendrix in ways not done by most cover bands.  Cherokee Gypsy digs deep into his catalog boasting over 50 original Hendrix tunes along with a borage of his infamous covers like Purple Haze, Watchtower, and Day Tripper.  This band has done their homework listening to hundreds of Hendrix bootlegs.  Cherokee Gypsy can play the solos, and breathe new life into them, just as Jimi notoriously did every night he took the stage.

 - Wattson -
       Wattson is steeped in traditions of Chicago’s electric blues coupled with the sounds of classic American Rock n’ Roll.  This band relies on sound musicianship, honest lyrics, straight-forward songwriting, and memorable hooks with sing-able choruses. This is a true no-nonsense, hard-working, humble band that is here to pay their dues.
       Mike Bailey, Tim Jones, and Joe Kaspar have been playing together in various groups since high school. After several band variations, and some encouragement from their friends, they started taking their original songwriting more seriously.  After playing with Chris Swade on drums the band knew right away, “he gets it.”  Soon after plans were being made to get a demo created and the long saga searching for a name ends with Wattson. 
       With an untitled 3 song demo complete we are busy, busy, busy, getting our on and off-stage act together.  We are currently getting a website going (WattsonMusic.com), an online press-kit, recording another 3 or 4 tunes, writing more tunes, playing an open mic near you, and working on some mind melting cover tunes so you can say you were there. 
       Thanks for taking some time with us, come see us perform, download the songs, pass them on, tell a friend.  We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here.....we just want to write great tunes and deliver them tightly to you the music-loving audience.  Keep checking back for new tunes and info on upcoming shows!
       Wattson is always on the hunt for a talented singer (front-person) and/or Keys.  Requirements:  Must have good attitude, your own transportation, and your own equipment.
AttentionAuditioning soul / gospel Keys & Vocal with quality and presence.  Email:  tim@tcjonesarts.com

 - Funky Miracle -
     WHAT THE FUNK!?!  A group of Chicago's finest up-and-coming music teachers play Funk classics.  Get down on it with Funky Miracle as they dish the best grooves the world has ever known.  Only the most danceable, grooviest, shake your booty-est tunes have been selected for the pleasure of your eardrums and the motion of your hips.  Hang on to your platforms and polyester as we funkdify the likes of James Brown - Stevie Wonder - Earth, Wind, & Fire - Meters - Sly & the Family Stone -  Kool & the Gang - Tower of Power - Curtis Mayfield - Parliament / Funkadelic - & all those great soul sister hits. 
Attention:  Funky Miracle is auditioning soulful Guitarist/s and funky Keys.  Email:  timotjones@musician.org

 - TimTom -
      A Bass and Guitar Jazz Duo that covers a lot of ground.  TimTom grew out of the Elmhurst College music program as two guys just trying to get their music homework done.  Playing standards from Swing, Bebop, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and Contemporary charts.  TimTom has a surprising array of special guest musicians and has worked with every type of combo imaginable.  This is the ideal group if you love great Jazz played in intimate settings. 

Past Bands

 - Archive -
      This was an all original band from my junior and senior year in Elmhurst College.  When I went to Elmhurst College I was really excited to meet some new musicians.  I met Elliot Esparza (guitar) and from time to time we'd get together and learn some jazz standards in the dorm rooms.  Later that year he had been working with Mark Akison (guitar & violin) on original music and thought they were ready to involve more musicians.  Jim Benton (drums & percussion) and I joined to group.  This band helped me with a self-titled artwork (Archive) involving video projection and live music.  This band also created some very good recordings at various Chicago studios.  

 - Big Pocket (Brauer House Band) -

 - Blue Earth -
      My 1st band, all of us were around 17 to 20 years old.  We played everything from covers to originals, and struggled through most of it.  Originally formed with Tim Jones on Bass and Dallas Wade on Guitar, they almost immediately asked friend Peter Zubinski to learn how to play the keys for this Floyd/Phish-ish endeavor.  They heard about a guy around their age with some good musical ability and a drum kit, Ben Storm enters the picture.  The rest of the story is fuzzy, here's what I think I remember.  The band couldn't sing, so we got another guitarist in attempt to strengthen the music, John Schmidt played straight ahead licks reminiscent of Jimmy Page and Angus Young, the band started going deep into improvisational soloing.  With enough rickety covers and originals under their belt a young singer found interest in this ragtag bunch, Lindsey Frystack was an amazing young vocalist able to lift this crew up.  With a whole new flavor, the group focused on polishing their material, John departed from the group shortly after.  The band then tried a new drummer named Eric Anderson, while Ben played harmonica and sang back-up vocals.  Mark Frystack enters the band on rhythm guitar.  Somewhere in the middle of this, the band recorded an entirely original demo at the Beat Suite in Villa Park, IL and played several small shows, house partys, a small fest, and even generated some label interest.  Dallas and Pete currently play in a band called Starrunner - Ben currently plays in the Ben Storm Band.  If you know the whereabouts of any other members please email me or have them email me at timotjones@musician.org.

 - County Line -

 - Gaslight Drifters -
      An original group with plans to redefine the sound and perception of improvisational Rock 'N' Roll.  Originating members include Jerry Bachner, Russ Malord, and Dave Veller.  T
he band quickly expanded the musical diversity of the line up by adding Jeff Ducass (keys) and Nick Kokonas (percussion), this added both a new depth and variety to the music.  Over the next year the band shifted through a few line up changes and with Rob Wimmers (drums), Ryan Coward (keys), and myself (bass) the Gaslight Drifters grooved mind melting instrumentals better that ever.  Taking heed from the jam bands who paved the way, GLD brought together a mixture of genres and influences from Bluegrass, Jazz, R & B, Techno, Rock, Latin, and World Beat.

 - I200 (It Don't Mean A Swing Band) -

 - Ship of Fools -

 - Stew -

 - Toast & the Family Jam -

 - Transmission -
      This was the hardest working group of guys I've ever worked with.  I was looking for a group to join and out of nowhere these two musicians from Indiana found there way into my life.  Jim Crabtree (Guitar) and Jake Winebrenner (Drums) were a talented duo who moved from Indiana to make their musical dreams come true in Chicago, home of the blues.  I believe we practiced 5 or 6 nights a week, up hill, in the snow.  Well, never the less, it was fun playing at least 2 gigs a week, bumpin' 'round the Midwest in a panel van, and sleeping on floors.


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